Rapid Prototyping System (RPS) - RPS Function Module 1 (FM1)

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What it does
The Rapid Prototyping System (RPS) enhances the FSL Tower System with the addition of high level hardware and software modules. Additionally the RPS Function Module 1 (FM1) can directly connect to FSL's legacy 3.3v products via a cable.

What it provides
Application programming interfaces (API's) are provided in C for all FM1 hardware modules enabling reference designs to be quickly created. The FM1 may be used with the FSL Tower or directly connected to 3.3v legacy systems (DemoQE). The FM1 has 12 processor independent H/W modules: Stereo Amp, Temp Sensor, SD Card, Flash Memory, RTC (alarm & offline backup), Nav Switch, 128x64 Graphics LCD, User LED's, CAN I/F, MMA7455 Triple Axis Accelerometer ,legacy I/F, all signals are user configurable, access to Tower GPIO, SMD prototyping placements for custom circuits.

Key Features
Two critical functions of the RPS are simple hardware and software reconfiguration within and across FSL processor families without software programming changes. All hardware module signals can be remapped with jumpers. All software modules can be remapped using Processor Expert or by editing the project header files, without porting the code or having to do structural program code changes.

Demo Application provided with the RPS FM1
The RPS demo application

  • plays audible sound (music... voice) from either the spi serial memory or SD card through the stereo amplifier
  • displays the time and date from the Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • displays a menu system and allows the user to select the demo application function
  • uses the navigation switch to navigate through a LCD menu system controls the user LED's
  • flashes a file from the SD card to the spi Serial Flash memory and then plays that file through the audio system
  • runs a text based script system from the SD Card or Flash Memory which controls the RPS subsystem: SD Card, RTC,LED's, LCD display, Audio, Navigation, and Print functions

The demo application is intended to show how simple it is to use the building block approach of the RPS to create a working application.


** FSL Tower purchased separately

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