Rapid Prototyping System (RPS) - RPS Assembly Module 1 (AM1)

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  • AM1 - SMD & TH Tower Prototyping includes:
    • (3) AM1 boards
      • 4 layer PCB - with center Power & Gnd planes
    • Premium SMD Prototyping Kit - jumpers, wire wrap (WW) posts, discrete components
    • Basic Prototyping Kits, ww wire, discretes
  • Installed Components per board
    • VDD, VCC power LEDs
    • LEDs - Red, Green, Blue, Amber with current limit resistors
    • bypass capacitors,.1uF, 100nF
    • TTL layout with pullups for line driver, OR, AND open collector gates with pullups
  • Connections
    • All Tower Primary Signals brought to pads
    • All Tower Secondary signals accessible via connector fingers
    • Flip the AM1 and all Secondary Signals are brought to pads
    • SPI & I2C signals to TH for WW connections
    • extended land pads for different body widths
    • large # of pins allows for varying IC pin count
    • 6 out of 11 SMD's have TH posts
    • large solder pads and or TH post connections
    • gold plating allows simple soldering procedure

The following videos are available for further explanation of the different product offerings:

AM1 Overview
AM1 Kit Contents

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