Rapid Prototyping System (RPS) - RPS Assembly Module 1 (AM1)

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What it does
The Rapid Prototyping System (RPS) enhances the Freescale Semiconductor Limited (FSL)Tower System by the addition of high level hardware and software modules. The Assembly Module 1 (AM1) adds hardware prototyping to the FSL Tower system.

What it provides
The RPS Assembly Module 1 (AM1) module is used to prototype hardware designs using Surface Mount Device (SMD) and through hole components. Many different SMD landing patterns are provided for IC's as well as landing patterns for discrete capacitors, resistors and other devices on the AM1. This allows an engineer to quickly build and test hardware designs that utilize the tower system.

Key Features
By using the RPS AM1 with the tower, a known good working reference point can be tested in hardware with software before going out for the first PCB run. Corrections can be made before sending out Gerber Files. Project delays due to PCB changes can be reduced because corrections can be made before the PCB run is initiated. When the PCB prototype comes back, a working reference is available to test and compare.

All the primary signals are brought to pads and plated through holes which allows wire wrap connections to any desired Tower signal. By reversing the board all the secondary connector signals are also available.

Multiple power and ground connection points are provided. LED's indicators are provided for Vdd and Vcc power connections.

All connector signals are silk screen and clearly legible.

The AM1 is a four layer board with Vdd and Gnd planes in the center layers.


SMD IC Prototyping Templates

  • several package styles with extra pins to accommodate almost any IC package type
  • long landing pad pins to accommodate packages of varying body widths but same pitch
  • SMD Templates
    • SOIC: 1.27mm pitch
    • SOT23: .95mm pitch
    • TSSOP, SSOP, SC70: .65mm pitch
    • QSOP: .635mm pitch
    • uMax: .5mm pitch
    • TSSOP TTL: with pull-ups - AND, OR, Line Driver, IC selected by user

Discrete SMDs Pre-installed

  • (4) user LEDs, Amber, Green, Red, Blue with current limit resistors
  • (2) dedicated LEDs for Tower Power, Vdd, Vcc
  • (7) user bypass capacitors
  • (4) pull-up resistors

Discrete SMD Prototyping Templates

  • (36) discrete devices, for LEDs, capacitors or resistor for implementing user designs

Through Hole Prototyping Templates

  • 12, 14, 16, 24, 28 pin wire wrap through hole accommodation


  • all primary tower signals available on solder pads
  • spi & i2c signals brought to pads (depends upon the Tower processor in use)
  • reverse the AM1 and access all secondary signals on solder pads
  • two single rows of 30 through hole posts for signal interconnects
  • .1" wire wrap posts for all SMD IC templates on front side
  • many SMD IC templates repeated on the back side with pad connections & holes for soldering
  • drill holes to pass wires from front to back of board
  • several Vdd & Gnd connection points via .1" post connection holes


  • 4 layer PCB, with center power and gnd

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